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Welcome to North Elementary!

Home of the Warriors.


The mission of North Elementary is to equip every child with the skills to become proficient or advanced on state assessment in all subject areas. 


Our vision is to empower each student to realize his/her maximum potential.  We see each child becoming a successful, healthy, well-wounded citizen through our appreciation of his/her diversity.



Dr. Jennifer Partin - Prinicpal 

North Elementary 

309 Main St. 

P.O. Box 7

Altamont, TN 37310

Phone: (931) 692-3710 Fax: (931) 692-2664


North Elementary School Supply List 2020-21 


4 Glue Sticks

2 heavy duty plastic folders 

Blunt tip scissors

1-spiral notebook (single subject)

1 box of washable markers

Crayons (2 boxes) (24 count)

Small plastic crayon box

Slider ziploc bags:

    girls-Quart Size

    boys-gallon size 

Gym Shoes(Velcro or slip on preferred)

Kleenex (3 boxes)

Clorox wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Backpack (no wheels)

First Grade 

1-white 1 in. binder w/clear front pocket

Gym Shoes(Velcro or slip on preferred)

Clorox wipes

Pack of construction paper

Hand Sanitizer

1 pack of cap erasers

2 boxes of 24 pk crayons 

1 pack of #2 pencils 

Crayon box

Washable markers (no colored pencils)

3 boxes of Kleenex

 Glue sticks

Scissors (Blunt Tip) 

1-Spiral notebook


Second Grade

Pack of #2 pencils      

Wide-ruled notebook paper

Pencil Box


Scissors with round tip

Glue sticks

Gym shoes (to be kept at school-Velcro or slip on if needed)

2 or more Hand sanitizers

2 containers of sanitizing wet wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 roll of Paper towels

4—two pocket folders w/ prongs

1--3 ring binder

Headphones in a bag-name on bag

Washable markers

Pack of construction paper

1 pack capped erasers

Third Grade

4- packs wide-ruled notebook paper

(No spiral or bound notebooks)

2 Pocket folders (No 3-ring binders)

1 Pocket folder with prongs

4- packs of #2 pencils

2 boxes of capped erasers

Crayons (24 count)

Scissors (Blunt Tip)

1 small bottle of glue (Elmer’s)

1 encased pencil sharpener

2 Highlighters (any color)

1 Sharpie (Black Fine Point)

Crayon/pencil zipper pouch (No Boxes)

2 or more Sanitizing wet wipes

1 box of Kleenex

1 paper towel

2 or more hand sanitizer (Germ-X or Purell) 

Gym Shoes to be kept at school


Fourth Grade

2 box of Kleenex tissue

2 or more bottles of hand sanitizer

2-two pocket folders ( No 3 ring binders) 

1 box of colored pencils

1 encased pencil sharpener

2 packs of pencils (mechanical pencils are fine)

1 storage zipper pouch (no boxes)

4 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

1 roll of paper towels

1 pair of gym shoes to be kept at school

1 pair of Headphones

2  packs of cap- erasers 

2 cans Disinfectant wipes

Fifth Grade

1.5 inch D-ring binder (heavy duty)

4 packs of notebook paper

1 composition notebook

2 pocket folders (no prongs)

2 packs of cap erasers

1 storage zipper pouch (no boxes)

4 packs of pencils to leave at school

Box of colored pencils or twistables

2 encased pencil sharpeners


3 boxes of Kleenex

Hand sanitizer 

Sanitizing wipes


Gym shoes (to be left at school)

Sixth Grade

4 spiral bound composition books (70 page)(1 yellow, 1 red 1 blue 1 green)

2 plastic three prong folders with pockets(1 yellow, 1red)

loose leaf notebook paper (for your use-keep at your desk and resupply as needed)

3 Subject Notebook - Make sure it is at least an 11 in X 9 in - College Rule - Plastic Cover

2-3 glue sticks (resupply as needed)

Small bottle of liquid glue

Scotch tape


Gym shoes 


pencil box


Box of colored pencils OR crayons

Small hand held pencil sharpener (shavings should be contained in sharpener)

Highlighter (prefer yellow)

Hand sanitizer

Sanitizing wipes

3 boxes of Kleenex

Seventh and Eighth Grade (All Classes) 

Also see class specific information below


Sanitizing Wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 roll of paper towels

Gym shoes(to be left at school)

Headphones for Chromebooks

Zipper pencil storage pouch (no boxes)


1 Small bottle of liquid glue

1 box of Colored pencils

Small hand held encased  pencil sharpener

Ms. Mandy’s Science Class

Spiral bound notebook (70 Pages)

3 prong folder with pockets



Ms. Kayla’s Math Class



Red Ink Pens

3 prong folder with pockets

Ms. Parson’s Reading Class

Spiral bound notebook (70 Pages)




3 Prong Folder with Pockets




Meals will be distributed every Tuesday from

10:00-12:00 at North Elementary.




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