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Welcome to North Elementary!

Home of the Warriors.


The mission of North Elementary is to equip every child with the skills to become proficient or advanced on state assessment in all subject areas. 


Our vision is to empower each student to realize his/her maximum potential.  We see each child becoming a successful, healthy, well-wounded citizen through our appreciation of his/her diversity.



Dr. Jennifer Partin - Prinicpal 

North Elementary 

309 Main St. 

P.O. Box 7

Altamont, TN 37310

Phone: (931) 692-3710 Fax: (931) 692-2664



Fall 2020 School Opening Survey:  Please take time to complete the following survey in order to provide valuable feedback for upcoming school reopening planning.  Click here to take the survey.


Meals will be distributed every Tuesday from

10:00-12:00 at North Elementary.


 Below you will find instructions for ordering. No money will be collected at North Elementary! 






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