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Principal's Corner


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North Elementary

Dr. Jennifer Partin, Principal

P.O. Box 7

Altamont, TN 37301

Phone: (931) 692-3710 Fax: (931) 692-2664


March 29,2019


I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break. This year is flying by. We only have 8 weeks of school left! During the month of April, we are offering attendance incentives.    

  • Each Class- For the month of April, every day the whole class is at school (no tardies, no check outs, no absences) they will receive a letter to spell the word “PERFECT”. Once they spell perfect they can choose from a list of rewards. They have the opportunity to spell the word 3 times during the month.

  • Individual Student- Any student with perfect attendance for the month of April will receive a movie pass for May.  

Please encourage your child to be on time and come to school everyday!


TCAP is April 16th-26th. Please do not schedule any appointments or activities during this time. It is crucial that every 3rd-8th grade student is here to take the test.


You can continue to stop by the office to have your ID scanned. Having this process done before Awards Day and 8th Grade Promotion will expedite your time waiting in line to enter the building.


A few dates to remember:

April 2nd-Picture Day

April 16th-26th- TCAP

April 19th No School

April 23rd Report Cards

May 3rd Kindergarten Registration @ NES


Thank you for your support,

Dr. Jennifer Partin